Spanish rice

  1.   One red sweet pepper
  2. Twenty slice of chorizos sausages
  3. Two glasses of rice
  4. One onion
  5. One carton of tomato purée
  6. One chicken broth


  • First of all,wash a red sweet pepper,and slice it thinly.
  • Then cut about twenty slices of chorizos sausages and fry it during 2mn.
  • Add one chopped onion during 5mn.
  • Then pour on two glasses of rice over chorizos sausages,sweet pepper and the onion.
  • And next,add 250ml of tomato purée.
  • Dilute in 500ml of water,one chicken broth.
  • Cook this spanish rice like a risotto,in adding one ladle of the chicken broth in the frying pan,and add another one from the very moment when the first ladle is absorbed.
  • Simmer it gently during 15mn until the broth is absorbed.

SAM 3570